Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Recommendation #1

Today, I just wanted to take the time out to recommend a good book to you all. It's titled "Inside Microsoft Windows 2000 (Third Edition)" by David A. Solomon and Mark E. Russinovich. If you're new to the Windows NT's internals or even the architecture in of windows in general, I'd recommend this book. Don't let the date fool you though. If you plan on writing a driver for Win2k/XP, I highly recommend this one, and even if your target platform is Vista/7, this will still be a great learning aid for you.

I just bought the book last week and it came in the mail a few days ago. The book appears to be well structured and comes with an E-book as well as other tools that will assist you in writing your driver (whatever type it might be).

Wish I could write more on this book, but the comp lab is closing. If you can afford a newer book, by all means go ahead, but don't let the date throw you off as most of this stuff still applies to the later OSes.

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